Years of development were spent developing perfect software in terms of robustness, speed, reliability and security.

Robust and fast

Screen navigation is very fluid and the click response time is fast despite the fact that our customers' databases are sometimes very large.

The incidents and service requests relating to our software have been reduced by 50% since the launch of the Cloud version in 2011.

The software is very easy to use and the requests that are sent to us mainly concerns support for good practices in our industry.


The web version allows us to access real time data in the system. 
Each billing operation has an immediate impact on the accounting module of the software. 

Changes in files are available in real time in the reports.
Everything is centralized in our system without any risk of error due to double entries into multiple software or manual handling e.g. in Excel files. 


Our turnkey software is hosted by the reliable and internationally renowned supplier (Azure - Microsoft) for optimum data protection.

Servers are installed in cascade so that data is automatically saved on a 2nd server in the event that the first server would be defective. We take responsability for back-ups in order to guarantee that there is no risk to our customers.

Furthermore, access to the software is totally customizable according to  staff responsibilities and the information's confidentiality
Ideal for external agents with limited access to your travel agency.

Accounting tailored to the travel agency
Accounting tailored to the travel agency
Easy to use and pleasant
Easy to use and pleasant

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