Tour operator booking software: 6 tips to generate more revenues online

by Lionel Lebreton, December 17 2020

How can you ensure that your tour operator booking software is fully optimized for sales generation? Here are 6 tips that will allow you to drive more revenues on your transactional tour website.

4 reasons to implement a good management software in times of crisis

by Lionel Lebreton, September 09 2020

Is it relevant in times of crisis to implement a new management system to manage your agency when all the indicators would lead you to suppose that you absolutely must reduce expenses, whatever they may be? Here are 4 reasons to do so.

8 key features to evaluate when selecting a good management system for tour-operators

by Lionel Lebreton, February 19 2020

You are a tour operator or a travel agency which sells its own tours and you plan to acquire a management software that allows you to maximize your activities! Here are 8 key features that you must absolutely evaluate in order to sign up for an efficient system:

Forms and income statement at year end

by François Lacoste-CPA auditeur,CA, February 07 2020

Every business has the obligation to produce annual forms to declare the various amounts of money paid to its employees or self-employed workers with whom it collaborates. The travel agency is obviously no exception to this rule. It is also a sector full of self-employed workers since very often, external travel agents work on their own for a travel agency.

Year-end financial statements: so simple if you are organized!

by François Lacoste-CPA auditeur,CA, October 08 2019

Your fiscal year-end date is fast approaching and you, as a travel agency owner, are preparing, like every year, to spend some time with your auditor to write the famous annual financial statements! If you knew how much a minimum of organization would allow you to save stress and money.

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