Accounting in a travel agency is full of specificities that must be taken into account and our system has been designed to cover them all.

Passenger groups

Are you organizing group trips and want to save time in the billing of your files?
With TravelWorks, you can create trip templates, for example with the same flight itinerary for all passengers.
When new passengers order the same trip, you can easily charge them optional complimentary products individually (for example, an insurance policy) while automating the billing process with the itinerary already set up in the related passengers' group. 

A detailed report is also available to identify the list of passengers in a travel group with indicators of this particular group's profitability. 

Travel agents' commissions

Monitoring travel agents' commissions can become complex.
Different commission rates depend on the products, payments delayed due to customers' partial payments, delays in wholesalers' payments, commissions shared between multiple agents on certain sales, etc.

TravelWorks allows you to control this aspect with peace of mind. It is really appreciated by both travel agents and managers.

Suppliers' credit cards

Your travel agency handles suppliers' credit cards with preauthorized withdrawals.

TravelWorks allows you to handle these specific methods of payment in addition to all others.

BSP-ARC management

Your travel agency is IATA accredited and you manage BSP - ARC!

Travel Works allows you to quickly identify errors through automated exception reports. You intervene only in cases where gaps have been identified for optimal efficiency!

Advanced reports

Travel agency managers want to be able to monitor their travel agency's performances in real-time.

TravelWorks generates multiple reports based on several criteria (by destination, by product type, by supplier etc.).

It is also possible to configure the sending by e-mail of these reports on a periodic basis.

Travel agents' dashboards

Upon opening the software each day, agents have the possibility of viewing important dates coming up, promotions to push as well as their real-time results (revenue, profits...).

Dashboards are customized for travel agency managers and owners in order to enable them to consult all agents' performance indicators in real-time.

Multi-branch owners can also carry out this type of follow-up on all branches.

Mobile solutions

For optimal customer service, TravelWorks offers a unique concept with mobile applications (iOS/Android) integrated into its software.

Travel agencies can now offer their clients an iOS and Android application with their logo that will allow passengers to access:

- detailed itineraries
- local maps 
- travel guides related to their destinations

Useful information that will simplify their journey and enhance their stay.

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PCI compliance

Any business that transacts with customers through credit/debit cards has to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI) to guarantee:

- network security
- data protection

TravelWorks has been designed to be PCI compliant.

Consult Security Standards Council website

Improves productivity
Improves productivity
Robust and secured
Robust and secured

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