Connected experiences

Client expectations drive the evolution of CRM & marketing tools. TravelWorks CRM creates a connected experience with your customers and draws additional revenues to your bottom line.

Discover all features:

    Targeted email campaigns
  • TravelWorks CRM module (PC Contact) enables you to produce a client list specific to pre-determined qualifiers found within their profiles.
  • Multiple criteria can be used to quickly identify your clients who have purchased a given product, spent a certain amount of dollars or have visited a particular destination.
  • Tailored marketing campaigns can be quickly launched bringing in additional revenues.
    Mobile application displays your travel agency brand
  • Mobile communications are essential for travel agents and their customers. Trip N’ Touch is a reasonably priced IOS & Android application that showcases
  • Your agency logo
  • Detailed Itineraries
  • Maps
  • Travel Guides
  • Destination Information
  • Agency Chat
  • Discover Trip n'Touch
    Custom automated messages
  • TravelWorks is also linked to an optional module, the PCV Messenger.
  • TravelWorks PCV Messenger allows you to send automated courtesy messages including: “Balance due reminders”, “Have a nice trip”, “Welcome back”, “Happy Birthday”
  • Clients feel at ease knowing that TravelWorks is on top of travel plans