Screen navigation has been conceptualized in order to ensure a pleasant work experience to users and a fast access to key customer information.

A standardization of the screen presentation

Whatever module you navigate, our screens always display the information in a similar way allowing you to easily:

- consult

- edit and modify

- delete data.

Advanced search features

In the different modules, specific searches can be performed by selecting many specific criteria.
Specific fields at the top of the columns also allow you to enter quick searches that relate only to the selected column. 

The column's display is totally configurable depending on your travel agency's needs.

Visual alerts for quick decisions

TravelWorks has been designed to allow you to quickly be visually alerted to files presenting an issue. Ease of use and efficient for your travel agency!

Here are some examples:

- A client has not paid in full which delays the payment in full of the agent's commission.
- You owe an amount to a supplier which delays the payment of  the agency's commission.
- Your reconciliation detects differences in the accounts receivable and the amounts actually collected.

Robust and secured
Robust and secured
Improves productivity
Improves productivity

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