The travel industry has become very competitive, so improving productivity is vital for travel agencies.

Reduce time spent on administrative tasks

Invoicing and accounting can be precious time-consuming in a travel agent's work day. 

Being able to reduce each transaction by x minutes for each customer, multiplied by the number of transactions carried out by each travel agents means much more money in your travel agency's pockets at the end of the year. 

Improve customer service

Travel agents who can focus on their jobs will offer a better customer service to their clients. 

With our system you can also automate initial manual processes such as custom emails from travel agents like ''Have a nice trip'', ''Welcome back'', ''Happy birthday'' etc.

An impeccable service and special consideration is very appreciated by customers who will enjoy continuing doing business with you.

Generate additional revenues

Providing the right information to the right customer at the right time is a guaranteed way to easily generate additional revenues

Are you offering a short-term deal on a luxury cruise and would like to specifically inform your customers over 60, who have shown an interest in cruises and who have already purchased from you over $5000 of product from you?

All this is possible with the CRM tool integrated into TravelWorks.

Efficiently manage with KPIs

If some of your travel agents are finding it difficult to sell products with higher profit margins, maybe you should think of providing them with specific training. 

If you are selling less products in a certain category compared to the previous year, maybe you should consider targeted marketing actions to reduce these gaps!

Your travel agency's real-time performance is an essential overview to help you make wise strategic decisions!

Easy to use and pleasant
Easy to use and pleasant
Accounting tailored to the travel agency
Accounting tailored to the travel agency

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