External Accountants in the Travel Industry - 3 Main Mistakes Made by Novice Accountants

by Lionel Lebreton, February 24 2018

Accounting in the travel industry is complex and very specific because of the existing legislation in this sector. Understanding the accounting specificities in this field is essential for external accountants:

Group travel management - how can TravelWorks software help you maximize billing?

by François Lacoste-CPA auditeur,CA, February 15 2018

Billing management for group travels often results in unnecessary waste of time and additional administrative tasks due to the need to create invoices that are very similar to each other. Very often, passengers in a same group travel have very similar itineraries requiring that the same information be re-entered the same way for each new passenger within the group.

Good Accounting Practices For New Travel Agency

by François Lacoste-CPA auditeur,CA, October 18 2017

Have you been a travel agent for several years or have you just graduated as a travel agent and your goal is to launch your own travel agency? What do you need to plan in your future business? What are the good accounting practices to follow?

How to Maximize the Use of your Credit Card in TravelWorks

by François Lacoste-CPA auditeur,CA, April 13 2017

For several years, travel agencies have been suffering from commission rate reductions from travel vendors. Therefore, they must find new ways to raise revenues and cut spending. A credit card used adequately can be a good option to pay travel vendors’ balance only at maturity.

Accounting For Travel Agencies: 5 Reasons to Use a Software Tailored for the Travel Industry

by François Lacoste-CPA auditeur,CA, March 21 2017

A generic accounting software is unable to automate the travel agency’s accounting processes : accounting for travel agencies is a specific job!

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