Tour operator booking software: 6 tips to generate more revenues online

by Lionel Lebreton, December 17 2020
Tour operator booking software: 6 tips to generate more revenues online

You are a tour operator or a travel agency with tour operator activities and you offer your tours online on a B2C mode!

How can you ensure that your tour operator booking software is fully optimized for sales generation? Here are 6 tips that will allow you to drive more revenues on your transactional tour website:

Tour operator booking software – tip 1: your flagship products at the top of your webpage

All web experts will confirm this. Clickable links that appear at the top of a web page and that do not require to ‘’scroll’’ the page down to access information are the links that are most likely clicked. Therefore, use the rotating banners that are on top of your website to position there the images of your flagship products, those that set you apart from the competition or your irresistible promotions to give you the most visibility. This strategy will allow you get the best conversation rates (clicks on the product presentation vs. online sales).

Tour operator booking software – tip 2: exceptional quality images 

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Choose images that represent your promise of experience and display exceptional quality images on your online booking tool for each of your tours. The travel industry is a vector of dream and the aim is to sell an unforgettable experience to its target customers. Your images should speak for themselves and make your potential customers ‘’salivate’’. Images create emotions and prompt the user to find out more about the tours they discover on your website. So, do not hesitate to buy unique images or ‘’ design’’ them in-house with your graphic designer to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Tour operator booking software – tip 3: a simple and uncluttered presentation of your tours

Your potential customers probably want a lot of details about your tours, so be sure to include all the important information in the description of each tour. But beware, not enough information is undesirable, but too much information also kills information ... especially if it is poorly presented. Rather than presenting a large amount of information on the same page that may dissuade the prospects from reading it, opt instead for a presentation with tabs or clickable sections to make the presentation pleasant to read. For example, we recommend that you give preference to a tour presentation with several tabs: brief presentation, detailed itinerary, local map, terms and conditions, etc.

Tour operator booking software – tip 4: a smart categorization of your offer

Depending on the specialties and strengths of your business, think strategically in terms of presentation structure. For example, if you specialize in a particular destination and you are also renowned for the quality of the cruises you offer, create a ‘’Cruises’’ section on your transactional website but also sections for each region related to this country. So, if you have for example a flagship product such as a Rhine river cruise that you offer in France, you can display it both in the "Cruises" section but also in the "Alsace" section. You will improve the visibility of this tour and you increase the chances for your prospects to book it.

Tour operator booking software – tip 5: fluidity of the purchasing process No need to tell you that the simplicity of the buying process will have a direct impact on the volume of your online revenues. The screen that allows your customers to enter their options such as room category (standard - sea view etc.), room type (single, double, triple etc.), number of people, selected date etc. must be extremely intuitive and allow the users to be able to quickly make their selection while displaying the total price without any ambiguity. The acceptance of the terms and conditions should also be very clear at the end of the buying process. In short, everything must be done to prevent the potential customers from being tempted to leave the shopping cart.

Tour operator booking software – tip 6: a viral offer on social media Social media are becoming more and more important in our everyday life, even more so for consumers from the younger generations. Make sure on your online tour booking tool that you allow a visitor to forward a specific tour they like to one of their friends via Facebook or by email if they wish. This will ultimately enable you to generate new potential leads by referrals or at least increase your visibility among the close contacts of your prospects and customers.

In conclusion, an online tour booking tool represents a showcase for your potential customers and just like a physical store. The more attractive this showcase will be and the more you will make it easier for your visitors to identify the offers that correspond to them the most, the more you will increase your chances of generating online sales with your customers. If you do not yet have a tour operator booking software, seriously consider getting a solution that will allow you to apply all these tips.

We wish you a lot of success with your business activities!

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