TDC chooses TravelWorks for its agencies

by Lionel Lebreton, July 09 2019

Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) has chosen the management and accounting software of TravellWorks for all of its owned agencies and its network of home-based agents.

8 good practices in the accounting management of your travel agency

by François Lacoste-CPA auditeur,CA, May 10 2019

Managing accounting in a travel agency can sometimes seem tedious. Here are 8 best practices that we advise to set up as soon as possible to avoid wasting unnecessary time in your TravelWorks software in order to maximize management.

5 reasons to integrate your online info request forms to your CRM within your travel agency

by Lionel Lebreton, February 19 2019

You enable your prospects to fill out an online info request form to describe their needs and this generates new leads every week from new potential customers interested in your travel agency. Here are 5 reasons to integrate your online form to your CRM tool for travel agency:

Strategic management reports in a travel agency

by François Lacoste-CPA auditeur,CA, February 07 2019

Every accounting software tailored to the travel industry is expected to provide numerous management reports that enable managers and other decision-makers to make sound decisions. Here is a list of the main management reports to analyze with the reasons why it is important to do so.

5 major benefits when implementing our Trip N 'Touch mobile application within your travel agency

by Lionel Lebreton, December 03 2018

Travelers today are very likely to connect to their mobile devices whether before, during or even after their trip and in order to access more and more accurate information about their trip or in order to perform certain tasks inherent to the smooth running of their trip. Here are the 5 major benefits that your travel agency can benefit from if you decide to implement, our ‘’Trip N 'Touch’’ mobile application that is fully integrated to our TravelWorks back office system.

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