Back Office System for Travel Agencies - 6 Tips to Make Your Software Implementation a Success

by Lionel Lebreton, March 05 2018

The implementation of a good back office system within a travel agency is a real challenge! Whether you are a travel agency that carries out the majority of its operations manually or not, you will face multiple issues!

Information Security: 5 Key Elements for Your Travel Agency

by Lionel Lebreton, March 02 2018

Nowadays, regardless of the industry you work in, cloud solutions are particularly popular. The travel industry is no exception to the rule. But are cloud systems efficient in terms of information security?

External Accountants in the Travel Industry - 3 Main Mistakes Made by Novice Accountants

by Lionel Lebreton, February 24 2018

Accounting in the travel industry is complex and very specific because of the existing legislation in this sector. Understanding the accounting specificities in this field is essential for external accountants:

Group travel management - how can TravelWorks software help you maximize billing?

by François Lacoste-CPA auditeur,CA, February 15 2018

Billing management for group travels often results in unnecessary waste of time and additional administrative tasks due to the need to create invoices that are very similar to each other. Very often, passengers in a same group travel have very similar itineraries requiring that the same information be re-entered the same way for each new passenger within the group.

3 Questions To... Travel Agents In Action

by Lionel Lebreton, December 13 2017

At TravelWorks, we like to talk with our customers about what our software brings them. This is a perfect opportunity to know the elements that make a difference. We can then keep focusing on improve them. Today we're pleased to chat with Andrea Nadon and Alana Drouin co-founders of Travel Agents In Action.

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