Accounting For Travel Agencies: 5 Reasons to Use a Software Tailored for the Travel Industry

by François Lacoste-CPA auditeur,CA, March 21 2017

A generic accounting software is unable to automate the travel agency’s accounting processes : accounting for travel agencies is a specific job!

Travel Agency Software: 5 Good Reasons to Choose TravelWorks

by Lionel Lebreton, March 14 2017

We are one of the leaders in North-America in accounting/management software for travel agencies. Our cloud solution offers numerous features related to invoicing and accounting such as the accounts receivable, the accounts payable, the General Ledger, the accounting operations, real-time advanced reports and much more. This software is tailored to the travel industry and also includes optional marketing modules to optimize targeted customer segmentation, email campaign management or the automation of courtesy message sending... Here are 5 reasons to implement it soon:

How to manage entertainment expenses?

by François Lacoste-CPA auditeur,CA, February 03 2017

After the holiday season, there will be several agencies that will have incurred entertainment expenses in the recent weeks. It is therefore important to properly account for these transactions in order to avoid contributions to taxes and corporate taxes.

TravelWorks launches ‘’Trip N’ Touch’’ mobile application that will be highly appreciated by travelers

by Lionel Lebreton, January 18 2017

Trip N’ Touch has been developed in collaboration with m-Trip and is a ‘’white label’’ version of ‘’Trip Agent’’, the international award-winning mobile application.

TravelWorks launches a new cutting-edge interface with Galileo Vacations

by Lionel Lebreton, November 17 2016

This new interface saves agents from costly unproductive duplication. Bookings now made in Galileo Vacations can automatically generate detailed invoices in TravelWorks, seamlessly, without any manual intervention.

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