A turnkey solution including hosting, back-ups, upgrades, technical support and high security. No IT staff needed!

No installation required, data access through highly secured servers

TravelWorks is a Cloud software installed on servers with the highest security standards.
We work with experts in security who allow us to encapsulate data in case of potential fraud as well as simulate attacks by hackers.

To consult our contract and validate our security standards, download the PDF.

No maintenance to take care of

Unlike other types of solutions, for example Windows software installed locally on your workstations, no maintenance is required.

We have the responsibility of providing you with functional software on the web and the cloud mode allows us to intervene quickly with all of our clients if any problems should arise.

No updates to manage

We always perform our updates during the night, so as not to disrupt the users' workday.

You start your day in the morning and discover our new features made available the day before without any intervention on your end.

No back ups to think of

We provide software hosting and our license includes all back ups. 

In the event that your computer crashes, a simple web reconnection with your new computer and you can immediately re-access your data in the software thanks to your username and password.

Web access from anywhere

Desktop, laptop, tablet... you can use your favorite device in your favorite location with a simple internet connection: office, home, internet cafes... and this with full security!

Dashboards & Automated reports
Dashboards & Automated reports
Optimized accounting
Optimized accounting

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