Automate your operations and activate the interface with our numerous partners.

Integrated with the major GDS on the market

This option enables you to retrieve accounting information from systems such as Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus, Worldspan and Sirev booking.

The invoice is generated automatically and the transaction is updated in TravelWorks accounting.

Real time deals with insurance companies

TravelWorks allows you to save time through a direct link with major insurance companies such as RBC, Blue Cross, Tips and Manulife

Offers from insurance companies are centralized and accessible in real time with TravelWorks. You can choose the best insurance policy for your client directly in TravelWorks. When billing you customer, data (sale amount, commission, policy identification number...) is transferred automatically to Travelworks.

Online reservation and automated invoicing

Do you provide your customers with online booking and would like to create invoice automatically without any manual intervention?

If online reservation has been provided by our partner Soft Voyages, we can activate this option if necessary.

If your transactional website has been designed by another provider, we can evaluate the feasibility of integration upon request.

CRM / Marketing
CRM / Marketing
Dashboards & Automated reports
Dashboards & Automated reports

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