TravelWorks also comes with optional marketing modules that will improve customer service and increase brand loyalty.

Targeted email campaigns

TravelWorks can come with a CRM module (PC Contact) that will allow you to extract very specific lists based on your customers' profiles. Multiple criterias can be selected to quickly segment customers for example if you would like to identify your customers depending on the types of products they purchased, the amounts they spent or their frequent destinations.

It is then easier for your travel agency to better target and launch tailored email campaigns in order to generate additional revenues.

Custom automated messages

TravelWorks is also linked to an optional module (PCV Messenger) that sends automated courtesy messages (such as Have a nice trip, Welcome back, Happy birthday etc.) in order to optimize customer satisfaction and retain existing customers

Your customers will really appreciate the consideration you have shown them.

Template samples are available to simplify the use of this module and the sending rules can be completely customized according to your needs. For an impeccable customer service!

Mobile applications with your travel agency brand

Nowadays, the mobile channel has become a must in the communication strategy of a travel agency.

With TravelWorks you can activate, at a very reasonable price, an iOS and Android mobile application (Trip N' Touch) with your logo that will allow your clients to access:

- their detailed itineraries
- local maps
- travel guides related to their destinations and much more...

Useful information to simplify their trip and enhance their stay!

See video for mobile application

Optimized accounting
Optimized accounting
Integrated with GDS
Integrated with GDS

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