Travel agencies with tour operator activities – How to maximize your management with TravelWorks Tour Lite option.
Last updated on Tue/08/2022

Travel agencies with tour operator activities – How to maximize your management with TravelWorks Tour Lite option.

Your travel agency develops tour operator activities and sells its own products to other travel agencies! You have to manage different commission level rates with travel agencies, you have to issue vouchers or invoices in B to B mode. In short, here is how you can configure your commission rules, create your vouchers and invoice properly with the TravelWorks Tour Lite option in order to optimize the management of this tour-operator activity.


STEP 1  Go to System Configuration

STEP 2:  Select Client Commission categories

If agencies are given different commission level rates, you will need to set this up at Client Commission Types activity.

Then under the Agency Commissions you will input the amount of commission that a Client will make on a sale by product type (you can create new product types under System Configuration/Product Types).

At the Rate column you will put in the rate amount and select the Rate Type as either a percentage sign or a Dollar sign.

For example, for an agency that has been assigned a ”Privileged” Client Code and for the ”Flight” Product Commission Type, the agency will make a 5%commission rate (or the amount that you have assigned to this code).
NOTE – you can always change the rate amount by typing over the amount and clicking on SAVE.


STEP 3Select product commission type

Go to the Products activity in System Configuration, and for each product, you will need to select the correct Product Commission Type.  See example below.  For the product WESTJET – the selected TYPE  is Flight.

You can also add a voucher that was initially created at the Voucher activity in System Configuration .

To create a voucher, go to VOUCHER ACTIVITY by clicking on VOUCHERS

and click on the ADD button and fill in the information that you want to be on this voucher. 

See example below:


Once a voucher, has been created you can add this voucher to a product at the Product activity.  See Below.

STEP 4:  Select your corporate account related to that commission type

Go to the Invoicing Module and select corporate account


You will need to create the Travel Agencies that you sell to as Corporate Accounts and put a checkmark in the box beside AGENCY.  Then, at the Commission type level, you need to select the agency type as defined in Step #1, to determine the commission rate for this agency and if there is GST/HST.

By putting a checkmark by AGENCY – the invoice will be addressed with the name of the agency instead of the passenger’s one and the invoice and file history format will be different. At the billing screen, the commission will be calculated automatically but can be modified anytime.


Step 5:  Apply the right agency code

At the invoice screen, you will need to add the agency code created in Step 3 to the Invoice at the Corporate Account box.

Then, continue creating a file with the passenger’s name and the itinerary

You then need to fill in the Invoice part of the file and make sure that the invoice is addressed to the right corporate account by using “Invoice to the agency” –  In this example, it is Travel Agency 123.

Then, add the product.  Fill in the Customer part with the price, taxes, etc.  You also will notice that the commission will automatically populate as per the above set-up as to what this agency is making for this invoice.

Under the Commission part is specified what the agency makes in commission with the supplier.

Before you save this information, you can click on the VOUCHER option and fill in the voucher details.

Then, click on the OK button to save this information.

You now need to add the payment by clicking on the ADD button and select the correct form of payment that needs to be applied to the invoice.

To print the invoice, click on ”PRINT INVOICE”
To email the invoice, click on ”Email”.

To print the Voucher, you need to click on ”VOUCHER”.

To view the File History, click on ”FILE HISTORY”, the following report will give you all the activity within the file.

   Pull out report related to corporate account activity

To pull up a report for the activity of the Corporate account (Agency), go to REPORTS and under the ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE section, select CORP. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE.

You can decide to either print or email this report.

STEP 7:  Issue a check related to your corporate account

To issue a check to the Corporate Account (Agency), you need to go to Accounts Payable and the Refund activity.

You can print the report by clicking on PRINT REPORT.

To issue the check to the Corporate Account (Agency), you will need to click on CREATE CHECK and fill in the details.
Finally, either click on PRINT or OK.

Have a good success in selling your own products and thank you for contributing to the development of the travel industry!