6 reasons to implement a cloud solution to manage your travel agency

The travel industry is a fast-changing sector and travel agencies must evolve in an increasingly competitive environment. Consumer behaviour has change among travelers and profit margins are thinner and thinner for travel agencies. To remain profitable and attractive, travel agencies

TravelWorks launches ‘’Trip N’ Touch’’ mobile application that will be highly appreciated by travelers

TravelWorks, a global leader in travel software development, is proud to announce its ‘’Trip N’ Touch’’ mobile application that will enhance travelers’ stays. Trip N’ Touch has been developed in collaboration with m-Trip and is a ‘’white label’’ version of ‘’Trip

5 major benefits when implementing our Trip N ‘Touch mobile application within your travel agency

Travel consumer behaviours are constantly changing and there is no need to say that smart phones and tablets are playing an increasingly important role in the travel booking process. Travelers today are very likely to connect to their mobile devices