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3 reasons to integrate your online credit card payment solution to your accounting software

Your travel agency uses an online payment solution that allows your travel agents to make payments to end customers by credit card. Your agents appreciate the fact that they do not have to use machines to finalize credit card payments,

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Forms and income statement at year end

Every business has the obligation to produce annual forms to declare the various amounts of money paid to its employees or self-employed workers with whom it collaborates. The travel agency is obviously no exception to this rule. It is also

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8 key features to evaluate when selecting a good management system for tour-operators

You are a tour operator or a travel agency which sells its own tours and you plan to acquire a management software that allows you to maximize your activities! Here are 8 key features that you must absolutely evaluate in

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4 reasons to implement a good management software in times of crisis

The travel industry is going through an exceptional and unprecedented situation with the pandemic that has affected the entire planet since the beginning of the year. After several months without any sales, travel agencies are gradually starting to resell trips

6 reasons to implement a cloud solution to manage your travel agency

The travel industry is a fast-changing sector and travel agencies must evolve in an increasingly competitive environment. Consumer behaviour has change among travelers and profit margins are thinner and thinner for travel agencies. To remain profitable and attractive, travel agencies

12 essential elements to evaluate a good accounting software (back office) for travel agencies

Selecting a good accounting software (back office) for your travel agency seems difficult, especially for people who start their business. The travel industry, regardless of the country, is often governed by specific legislation and therefore, it requires technologies that can